testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 56 - A [miracle] family was found!

I know I keep repeating myself, but this week tops the cake as the week of miracles..

     This past Thursday we had hit a slump of not knowing how to find new investigators and we had no idea what to do. When we planned in the morning we both felt like we should make a goal to find 3 new investigators that day and in order to do that we should go inviting at exactly 5:00 that night in order to find those people! We were in the middle of weekly planning around 4:20 when we got a call from a member asking if we were free at 5. Normally we have appointments set already all day, but because we felt prompted to schedule inviting at 5 we were able to say yes! (miracle 1)
     We went to the church and she told us that she found a family for us to teach! This member (Jenny) is seriously the best, talks about Jesus all day everyday with everyone she comes in contact with, and while she was visiting a home for her job (she's some insurance agent) she asked them if they believed in Christ (casual question--haha not). Anyway they said they were interested in learning and that night she called us to go teach them! (miracle 2) They live far away and we had no way to get there besides a member who has a car...which is only a handful of members. We randomly called one member and she said she was free and when she came she told us that it was super weird that she was free because she never has free time, but right when she finished her list of things she thought 'what will I do now?' then we called her! (miracle 3)
     When we got to their house it seemed like no one was home, but we looked over at just the right time to see the father way down the road so we were able to catch his attention (miracle 4) And then we sat in their house and taught a FAMILY. Married parents with 2 kids. This doesn't happen in Thailand!!  MIRACLES.
Also turns out:
Father: learned with missionaries over 20 years ago in a different city and has always wanted to go back to church but never knew where to look
22 year old Son: has been to a Christmas part at our church 2 years ago and has 3 friends who are members!
14 year old Daughter: has always been interested in religion and has studied the entire life of Christ, has always wanted to go to church but no one has ever been able to take her

     Also, we found an investigator 2 weeks ago, taught him once, but he had to leave Korat for awhile for a funeral. Anyway he and the father are FRIENDS! And before Jenny invited the father to learn, our other investigator had already invited him.  So when Jenny talked to him it was a second invite! (miracle 5) Also when this investigator left Korat he took his Book of Mormon with him...and read until 3 Nephi. (miracle #2,387,934) M. I. R. A. C. L. E. S
     We found a family through the hand of God. All I can say is that God wants this temple in Thailand and He will bring to pass whatever miracles it takes to prepare these people!!! (the two men in this family plus our other investigator are 3 more priesthood holders which Thailand desperately needs!!) All I have to say..."And thou shalt rejoice in every good thing which the Lord thy God hath given unto thee" (Deuteronomy 26:11)

PLEASE pray for the Nope Family (นพ) I know they will be such a strong hold in this ward and I still can't believe all the things that led to finding them--all thanks to a member opening her mouth for the missionaries. I am so very grateful to be here while we are preparing for this temple. I LOVE being a missionary and being able to see these miracles everyday! 

Yesterday Sister Bun (เปิ้ล) was baptized, she was the one who quit drinking all her coffee in one day after she learned about the commandments. She is so cute and has 2 kids who she wants to learn as well and ah! So grateful to have met her :) (again another member referral!)

Week of miracles I'm telling you. Don't forget to 'rejoice in every good thing which the Lord hath given you' and have a wonderful week! 

Much much love,
ซิสเตอร์ แฮมมอน

PS. Fun fact, if you get extremely sick with specific symptoms and call the mission nurse for advice she will freak out and tell you you have dengue fever....AKA I almost was diagnosed with dengue this week because I was SUPER sick, but I'm fine now and we were still able to make most of our visits this week so yay!

Sister Bun was so happy!

This golden Nope family:) minus the son (taking the picture) and including our other investigator (wearing the white, who invited the family to learn!)

The woman in front is Jenny—she introduced us to the family AND the investigator 
who talked to them first!!

Just in case you didn’t know, the 7-elevens here are missionaries’ saving grace….Thailand has more 7-elevens than Utah has churches so we had a small party this last Tuesday to celebrate July 11 or 7/11

Look how fluffy this dog is!

The. Nicest. House.  
Our bishop’s house is the nicest one I have ever been in in Thailand. 
(It is like a step into America. Super weird.)

    Love these kids :)

Thai kids melt my heart

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 55 - Baptism and Bernie the Baptist

Before I talk about the incredible baptism this week I have to tell you all a story about the first falang I ever taught...oh boy

     So in Thailand it is super common to find old white guys married to young Thai women...it's a thing and all the missionaries hate it. Anyway so last week a super awesome 50 year old female member walks in with a falang man and proudly announces that they are married as of the day before. Hahaha WHAT. They met online and after a few months boop, married. By the way he is 73 years old and cannot speak Thai so you can imagine how successful this marriage will be. Anyway his name is Bernie and he has been stout Baptist for the past 50 years AND taught the Sunday school every week....you can see where this is going.
     Anyway the member invited us over to her house to 'share a scripture' and help him see what the church is all about. Our initial idea to 'pop by for a second' turned into a 2 HOUR session of "Bernie wants to bash the missionaries" hahahaha the entire time I was just thinking "I am so grateful I never have to teach Christians. I am so grateful I teach Buddhist. I am so grateful I don't have to Bible bash ever. I am so grateful I teach in Thai" annnd the list goes on. Afterwards Sister Henry spent a solid 10 minutes just laughing about how bad it went and how bad I am at teaching in English but you live and you learn right?? After that experience and after Bernie asked me if I was married we decided to hand him over to the elders for future lessons! Pray for Bernie the Baptist to open his heart hahahaha fun fun fun.

     Yesterday morning we were waiting in the church for our investigator to come for her baptism..it was 8:50 and she still hadn't shown up and I was so scared...then 5 minutes before the meeting started Sister Addt came...with 6 INVESTIGATORS IN TOW! She invited 6 of her friends to come as well! (which was why she was so late!) The baptism itself almost didn't happen because of a problem with the font filling in time BUT thanks to miracles and help of members it all worked out in time!
     Sister Addt is one of the most sincere investigators I have ever taught. Such genuine love of this gospel (hence the 6 friends invited) but I have been so blessed to watch this gospel truly change her. She was introduced to the church by a less active member, who has completely activated since inviting her! When I first taught her she was closed off and didn't smile much... she has had 3 children die of cancer, one more will pass away within the year and her youngest has completely rebelled against her. Her life has been so hard, however, ever since she has applied this glorious gospel she has completely changed and she smiles ALL THE TIME. Watching this message change people is one of the most incredible parts of being a missionary:) Her 2 grandkids will be baptized on the 23rd and she has invited all of her neighbors to learn with us! The church is true!

Watching Sister Addt change so much made me think of a scripture President Johnson shared in zone conference...Isaiah 42:16 " I will make darkness light before them" As a missionary in Thailand this couldn't be explained more clearly. We have the opportunity to change lives, all done through the Light of Christ. I am so blessed to have seen this personally in Sister Addt and her family and hope and pray we will continue on changing lives!

Right now the Korat district is on FIRE and it is so fun to see and be apart of. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. It is the best. Have an incredible week and please be the best people in the world and give the missionaries referrals, that is how we found Sister Addt and our other investigator getting baptized next week as well!  Love you all, now go invite your friends

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

The cutie on the left is one of the grandkids getting baptized on the 23rd!

Teaching Sister Addt (at the house of the member who invited her)

Baptism of Sister Addt

Finally got a smiling one!

The two adorable kids on the left (haha super bad picture of them) 
will get baptized on the 23rd!

When the baptizer forgets to take the plug out …

My child’s first TIM TAM SLAM!

Creepy bus ride to our zone conference and this old drunk guy came and sat 
RIGHT by Sister Henry   hahaha   Thailand

At zone conference

Finally got this picture back.  Our entire mission when Elder Cook came!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week 54 - Saved by a Tuk Tuk // YAY AMERICA!

So these past 10 days have been some of the most eventful of my entire mission and kind of crazy as well...just to give a quick run though:
     - Had a giant American party for English Class/July 4th
     - My wallet + 3000 baht was stolen
     - We survived a quick trip to Bangkok (for switch offs) despite floods
     - Saw a completely random woman wearing a BYU shirt....weird
     - Our investigator (เปิัล - Bun) gave away all her coffee and quit in 1 day!
     - Accidentally deep fried pretzels in MSG oil (hahhahaha)
     - Passed out 550 inviting cards in under an hour
     - Our investigator (แอ๊ด - Addt) passed her baptismal interview!! (more to come next week)

I'll start from the top....
     So we had to take a 24 hour trip to Bangkok to switch off and we called our Tuk Tuk guy to come get us to take us to the bus station...then it started POURING rain. It was bad, the streets flooded pretty bad and I had no idea how we would get to the bus station...at all. We called the Elders to see if they knew of a member who could come grab us. When we called the first thing he asked was, "well have you prayed?" I laughed a little and told him we haven't, he told us to call back after we prayed and I got annoyed because we were running late. We were outside and I asked Sister Henry if she would say a quick prayer so we could call them back.
     It was the weirdest thing..ever. In the middle of the prayer I opened my eyes, turned around and yelled "พี่ค่ะ"(what translates to) "Excuse me sir!" And I kid you not, THERE WAS A TUK TUK IN FRONT OF OUR HOUSE, almost about to pass by but he stopped just in time when I called him! We have never, ever seen a tuk tuk pass by our neighborhood, let alone pass by our individual house!!! EVER. After hearing a story like that how can you not believe in miracles?! Since then we have shared that story with investigators and they all have said they will pray because we had proof of miracles! 

    This is a funny story but you will only get it if you've been to Asia. So here all the food has MSG all over it. MSG is super harmful but the Thai people put it on everything while it's basically banned in America. SO on Sunday night our dinner appointment was cancelled last minute so we (elders and sisters) went to our house and got all the food we had, which isn't much considering we never cook. What we came up with was ramen, 2 eggs, pretzel mix (no idea where that came from) and some rice. We decided to deep fry the pretzels in oil and Elder Headlee grabbed some sugar to throw in to sweeten it up....turns out he grabbed MSG. The church had a giant bag full of straight MSG in the fridge because it's so normal here. Hahaha we all died laughing, and died from the taste because it was so awful. But anyway if you hear about our district entering the hospital this week that's why.

     We teach English every Tuesday and last week had the most brilliant idea to throw a big Fourth of July party for our English class. We got all the members in on it to make it a big deal and it was AMAZING. We put forth so much work but it was so worth it seeing it all play out last night.
----550+ Inviting Cards--- So we decided to really 'advertise' for it and did so by going to a huge night market on Monday night and pass out over 550 cards and talk to as many people as possible. We thought it would take all night, but after about 50 minutes we were out...that is over 100 people talked to every minute! (we had 4 missionaries and 2 members who kind of helped) But it was so fun, I loved, but unfortunately the 'talking to everyone' they teach you in the MTC is kind of impossible in a situation like that because we still missed tons of people who walked by while we were inviting other people. 
     The actual party was the best, National Anthem sung by my famous companion, American Bingo, watermelon and hot dogs, a mock election and musical chairs! SO FUN. One of the best English classes I have had yet! Grateful that hard works produces great results:) Also grateful to be an AMERICAN. To quote a talk our district leader made us read this past week, 
"I bear my solemn and sacred witness that the United States of America is the greatest nation on the face of the earth." (But Watchmen, What of the Night - Vaughn Featherstone) 
Hahaha but Thailand is second best นะ?
     But really, I am so blessed to be in a country that respects freedom as much as America. In the scriptures 'Thai' translates to 'free'! "The Spirit of God, which is also the spirit of freedom" (Alma 61:15) I am so grateful to be given agency from a loving Heavenly Father, without freedom the Spirit of God is restricted, and it is not restricted in this incredible country! (challenge is to do all that you can to show God gratitude for the freedom we have been given:)

Such a full week, but if anything it has increased my love for missionary work by 10. I LOVE THIS. So much. Our district is so focused and works so hard but we have so much fun together. We keep seeing miracle after miracle and I cannot deny that the hand of God is in our lives.Love you all, have a bunch of pictures this week too yay for me for having such a good email this week haha!

Much much love,
ซิสเตอร์ แฮมมอน

Picture of floods

If you look closely at the very top you will see water coming down into pans…
yeah our roof leaks and floods our entire house. It’s an adventure alright.

The tuk tuk that saved us!

We got lost in a random jungle while trying to find a member’s house

MSG fiasco
Proof of MSG

For our Fourth of July lunch we ordered McDonalds.  
Best. Meal. Ever. Honestly it was so delicious.

Mock Election  hahahaha

Our “American meal”

AMERICA! (and best district)

Also our p-day forever ago we went to the Korat Zoo!

Rode a tiger!  (I wish)

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 53 - Where did all the miracles come from?!

So I have mentioned seeing miracles before, a lot before actually, but I cannot explain what happened this week. We worked like normal, I didn't do anything crazy different than I usually do, but our companionship got 11 new investigators and had 14 investigators at church....14. Hah--for call in reports the zone leaders didn't even believe us the numbers were so high, "Did you pay them?!" All I know is that it wasn't anything I did--GOD WANTS KORAT TO PICK UP, so he sent just about 39847293 miracle stories this week.

So also just a random fact--THE BIBLE IS AMAZING. I really dove into reading it on my mission and oh my word. I LOVE IT. Seriously I get ready super fast just so I can read more in the morning and at night.  Something that really stuck out to me this week was in Genesis 41:16, Joseph declared that it wasn't him who would interpret the dreams, " It is not in me: God shall give Pharaoh an answer of peace. " And that is how I felt this entire week...these miracles are not in me, but because of God's will and His infinite power! (<-- that is the challenge for this week, turn the glory to God!)

We had so many miracle stories but I don't know any to share! We had so many moments of split second decisions that resulted in us meeting a new investigator or being able to make an awesome invite! On July 9th we have 2 people scheduled to get baptized (see picture) and they are THE CUTEST. Sister Addt has had such a hard life, but once she heard about this gospel from her friend (YAY REFERRALS) she has spent all of her time reading and learning with us! I already love them SO MUCH and cannot wait for this special day of theirs. Pray for them:)

Sooo I don't know what it is but my companions have so many bike problems hahaha I'm laughing just typing this out. So we were running late for an appointment and Sister Henry needed to drop some bike spray off at the house but we didn't have time to stop so she decided to throw the bike spray over the fence to save time...the following occurred in a matter of 3 seconds:
     -Sister Henry throws the bike spray
     -the bike spray hits the fence and ricochets back at her
     -the bike spray hits her face causing her to swerve
     -Sister Henry runs into a parked motorcycle and falls off her bike 
     -the bike spray hits the ground
Hahahaha I am never bored with her as a companion and that is for sure.

LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week--I promise miracles have not ceased! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. Blessings beyond belief every singe day:)

รัก มาก มาก
Sister Hammon

This is on the way to Sister Addt’s house!  Also fun fact, 
I tripped a second after this picture was taken hahaha

Haha just look at how many times this drink guy has been invited 
(notice the color fade of the pass along cards from the sun)

The Elders bought me sticky rice and mangoes for my year mark—
can’t believe I just said it was my year mark.

Our 2 new investigators! Sister Addt and the little girl Pomprame, 
getting baptized on July 9th!



Cute children

This dog lives in the church, his name is Coffee (so everyone makes a pun, 
“Coffee, you know your’e not allowed in the church” haha  I laugh every time.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 52 - Hello from KORAT!

Alright so this week was crazy, said goodbye to Sisaket (tore my heart out but it's fine) went to Bangkok and got my new companion and bam, headed to Korat!

     So Korat is still in the Esan, located only 4 hours out of Bangkok! (Compared to the 9 of Sisaket it is literal heaven) I didn't realize how small Sisaket was until I left because Korat is HUGE. MASSIVE. SO BIG. A 'long' bike ride/crossing the city in Sisaket was probably 20-25 minutes, but here that doesn't even get you half way across the city! But I'm way excited, there are tons of CRAZY nice malls (honestly never seen such fancy places even in America) and there is tons of stuff to do on p-day so I'm happy!
     So in Sisaket we were on a roll (numbers wise) so it was a huge change to come to this area...definitely different but we are so determined to work hard and change it! It will be such a great transfer as long as we pray for miracles! (already seen so many!)

So my new companion is Sister Henry...she is actually famous (as in sang on America's Got Talent in the One Voice Children's Choir) so because I'm her trainer that makes me famous too right? Anyway she's adorable, basically Buddy the Elf reincarnated in a sister missionary so I am never bored that's for sure! It'll be a fun transfer!

So I just barely got here and Sister Henry has only been here for 6 weeks and considering how big this city is that is no time to get to know the area. Anyway we were on our way to visit an investigator, but we had to get there by taxi truck. Her old companion wrote down how to get there but the one she wrote down didn't exist, so I asked one of the drivers how to get there....so a thing about Thai people, they are THE NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. The driver got out of his taxi truck to try and help us. He started asking everyone and their dog where we should go. So long story short, after about 5 minutes of us being lost the ENTIRE market was trying to help us. All you heard in the background was everyone saying, "there are two falangs lost! Do you know what truck they need to take?"/"Why is everyone surrounding the falangs"  Haha I think they felt bad for us/didn't know I spoke Thai but it was just so funny and such a Thai thing to do. Everyone was willing to stop whatever they were doing to help us! Anyway so the address we had wasn't real so that didn't help our case any, BUT miracles happen and we were able to find the right one. But even after we got back from our visit you heard people talking as we walked by, "hey look the falangs found the right truck to take!" Just so grateful to be in this perfect country, love it with my whole heart:)

So since coming into this area we have seen so many miracles and it really seems like we are ready and have the faith to change this area! This past week we had 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS! And as I was thinking about this I thought about the faith that Sister Henry and I have in this area which turned my thoughts to this quote by Spencer W. Kimball: "There must be a faith in God that will cause men to cleanse their lives; to forget themselves in the service of their fellow men and to overcome all weaknesses of the flesh; a faith that will bring about a repentance which is total, continuing and which will bring them to baptism, the priesthood, and temple ordinances."

Faith is the fuel of conversion! I just hope and pray that this area will help my faith grow! I am so excited to be in Korat....HERE WE GO! Thanks for everything, I pray we can all increase our faith everyday by doing the little things, pray for Korat and I know miracles will come!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

Last p-day outing in Sisaket

One of THE COOLEST places I’ve been so fare in Thailand!

If you look closely you can probably see Tarzan in the background

Miss her : (

The Sisaket farewell crew…only cried a little bit

Transfer:  From Sisaket to Bangkok then back to Korat

Hahaha trying to fit all our luggage was an ADVENTURE

Cramming it into 3 tuk tuks

We decided to go inviting at a night market by singing hymns 
with us and a few members. SO FUN!

The market where we got lost

My new child!