testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Week 2: The week the MTC encouraged us to break the rules

Hello hello!

So let me explain the title of the email a little bit. First of all, happy fourth of July! We had a devotional July 2nd and they called it our 'Freedom Festival" We celebrated freedom across the world and it is hilarious to hear the people from Australia in our group talk about how funny it was that the MTC tried to make it an international holiday to support all nations haha. Then that night they let us stay up to watch the fireworks from Stadium of Fire! They let us stay out until around 11:30 (but we left earlier) anyway they let us stay up so we could "ponder how freedom helped the restoration" hahaha okay, sure MTC that is exactly what we did. 

This week is also the week my mind grew 3 sizes--aka the week we started learning Thai script. There are so many rules and it was terrifying because our teacher kind of gave it to us all at once, but it is incredible! Our group is apparently learning Thai earlier than any other group in the past because our second teacher (I'll get to him in a second) thinks it is easier that way. But there are also cons because that means we will have less vocab, but yeah! So far I have learned 10/44 consonants but our district has a goal to know them all by Saturday along with our 500 word common core sheet..haha lets just say prayers are needed this week. 

BUT! Super happy because Sister Painter had us do this role play thing where we were just talking to a Thai as if they walked into church off the street and I was paired with Sister Painter! It was remarkable how many words I actually knew. I talked to her for 5 full minutes in Thai and I think I got the best deal because she is so fluent it is almost like she is Thai. The language will come, I just need to be patient with myself. THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL. I testify of that.

Funny story about the language-- we were talking to two sisters (who didn't know where we were serving) and they were learning Spanish. As we were asking them how the language is they were both saying how difficult it was and then one of them said "yeah but when we get discouraged we just think of the people going to Thailand or places like that and then we feel better" hahaha yes learning Thai is an adventure.
Also someone in my district prayed to the Holy Ghost and my companion called me Sister Volleyball. They say after 30,000 mistakes in a language you will be fluent, so we're getting there!

As I say in every email, I love my district. I can't even imagine how close we will be with 8 more weeks of bonding, but I am SO excited to find out. Also we got a new teacher! Our first investigator randomly showed up one day in class and said "SURPRISE! I double team teach your district with Sister Painter" hahah it was funny. His name is Brother Hartman and he is INCREDIBLE. You can feel his testimony and see the light around him when he walks in a room. He loves Thailand and was actually born there (even though he is white) Anyway the first night he said a prayer in FULL Thai ( I say full because usually Sister Painter goes slow and only says vocab that we could figure out, but he didn't) It. Was. Beautiful. I started crying because it brought such a spirit. One day I will be able to do that! Super funny because right when  he ended an Elder said, "wait, didn't we all teach him how to pray yesterday?? Well now, the student has become the master" Haha, Brother Hartman talks in Thai more than Sister Painter does, but we are getting used to it. Also now we are teaching 2 investigators! Our teachers got new investigator profiles so we will switch off daily. 

Okay so this is mostly for my family, but Sunday night my district went to watch The Testaments and lets just say watching the romantic/kissing scenes with a bunch of missionaries is one of my favorite MTC memories so far. I was almost crying laughing. (I know to all of you this doesn't seem that funny but when you are deprived of entertainment like us, small things become hilarious)

The MTC is a spiritual fire hose and I love it. We had an amazing devotional Sunday morning for fast Sunday, and it was all about repentance, which was amazing! The main point being pushed was that you don't have to repent for sins, repent for things that you could have done better! I don't know why but that hit me hard, and when I do that throughout the day I can feel the happiness that it brings! So that is where my challenge comes in, try repenting just for the things you know aren't bad, but you could have done a little better. You can feel the difference, I promise!

This is an incredible place and I just hope that I am being the best I can be! I am so blessed to be a representative of Jesus Christ and I couldn't be more excited to share this happiness to the beautiful Thai people!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

Hahaha to get us active we do this thing called “Thai-Exercise” and we decided to try it with water bottles on our heads because why not.  
I was not successful.


GRANT!  Told you it looked better than the other ones!

First Thai script I learned :’)

We all matched because of the fireworks.  District goals.

Look at us rebels, staying up past 10:30.

Probably one of my favorite pictures ever, just me and my khuus (plus Elder Hanks)

Sunday #2

Tuttle selfie.

BETH CALDWELL.  She came this week and I see her all the time so life is good.

Haha memorizing 10 script characters.

FUNNY STORY.  So we were all tired from the sleep we missed for the fireworks so literally half of the missionaries (the others were in the hall) fell asleep during personal study.  I supplied the picture as proof

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