testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 12 - Falang Power

Another crazy week in Thailand and I am so grateful to be here.

So while we walk places my companion and I try to talk to as many people as we can. When Sister F talks to them they keep walking and usually put up their hand. When I talk to them they are so shocked they almost always stop and listen to EVERYTHING that I say! Haha it is so funny. Every time it happens she gets so mad.  Then when I talk to someone and they don't stop, she looks at me and goes, "haha, guess someone's falang power is broken." Love being the only white person for miles. It's the greatest. 

My companion and I had switch offs this week which was so fun! There aren't many Sister Training Leaders in Thailand so we had to travel about 2 hours. (It flooded so it took a really long time.) The next day we switched and it was so fun! My companion was from Myanmar [country next to Thailand formerly called Burma] but speaks English and Thai almost fluently! I learned so much from her and it was so neat to see different teaching styles. They are in an International Ward so they teach almost all refugees which is absolutely incredible. The people we taught were so humble and eager to learn. It was also neat because the church we taught in was the biggest in Thailand and has 10 missionaries who teach there! That was super different from Bang Na but so cool to see so many investigators and missionaries! 
My switch offs companion!  We decided we loved each other too much, so Sister F is my mission "mom" but Sister Mon is my mission "aunt."  Also, the area they were in was SO NICE.  We went to this super high so (fancy in Thai) mall and had lunch.

Lugie is 16 and is such a sweetheart. We met her when she came to English class. We found out that she has previously learned from the missionaries but it never really went anywhere so we started teaching her! Our second lesson was on the Plan of Salvation. My sweet Young Women's leader sent an adorable Plan of Salvation cutouts set to me (thank you Sister Holzer!!) so we brought that out and were teaching with it. It is super colorful so by the end of the lesson we not only were teaching Lugie but also 6 NEIGHBOR KIDS who came to see what was happening! One of their dad's came and asked what it was.  We explained and asked if he would like to learn more. He said yes! So right then and there we taught him the first lesson! It was SUCH a miracle. I don't think I stopped praying the entire lesson, just hoping that this man would begin to understand this glorious message. He prayed at the end of the lesson and we made another appointment!!! Sadly when we went for our second one he was nowhere to be found. It was so so sad, but at least now he knows that there is a God and that God loves him more than he can comprehend. Pray for him. We will try more this week!

So on the same road of our meeting house (where we teach English) there are tons of kids! They know the missionaries as "Elder" so whenever we walk down the street this one little boy always goes "ELDAAA" (in his little Thai accent) and it is one of the cutest things in the world.

I learn so much every single day! Every time someone asks me how long I've been here they are always shocked at how well I can speak. I have truly been blessed with the gift of tongues. I study hard everyday, but without God's help I would not be able to speak this language. I have been blessed with a Thai companion who speaks Thai ALL DAY (haha a blessing and a curse;) I know that with patience I will be able to speak this beautiful language! Also I asked Sister F if I had made any funny language mistakes (because she usually doesn't tell me) she just started laughing then got really quiet...hahah I think that means "YES, EVERYDAY." I told her to tell me about them so I can provide some entertainment for all of you. Stay tuned for next week!

So this mission has been so hard but just as rewarding! This week I studied Hope and how important it is. In True to the Faith it explained that "with hope you can find joy in this life." Which I LOVED. Some days can be hard but with a hope for the future it all seem to become a little easier. So that is my challenge, have HOPE! And remember, everyday is a GOOD day:)

Thank you for your prayers, I feel them help me every single day. I am so blessed to be here!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

PS. Last P-day we were supposed to go to this ancient city with a member but last minute they cancelled. I was sad, but Sister F said we could go to a wat in downtown Bangkok. We were travelling a super long time and I was confused why we would go so far for just a wat...then we got there. IT WAS THE GRAND PALACE--AKA the biggest and best wat in all of Thailand! It was the most exquisite and beautiful structure. Every color on the building was an individually cut square of glass! SO BEAUTIFUL. (And yes, you have permission to be jealous)

WELCOME TO THAILAND (featuring the Grand Palace)

 There were so many falangs [white people] here 
I could actually ask someone in English to take this picture.
Every color on the building was an individually cut square of glass! SO BEAUTIFUL.

 I think Thailand is probably the greatest place in all the world.
 Ask me if I am enjoying Thailand.

My first Swensen's trip!  (After District Meeting everyone in Thailand goes.)
They pride themselves on having the best American ice cream, 
yet I have never had Swensen's before Thailand.
Sister F ordered 4 scoops.  When it came Elder Parrish assumed it was another Elder,
so he passed it down.  Then I told him it was for Sister F and his face was PRICELESS. 

These kids melt my heart.

Our mini meeting house and the street it is on.

One of our investigators (Maile) is a refugee from Cambodia and can't read Thai.  
She wants to learn Thai and English, so we're trying to teach her both.

 My cute คุ :)

 I FOUND PEANUT BUTTER.  It was seriously a miracle.  We were walking past this kind of sketchy store (AKA--not a 7/11) and I decided I wanted a snack so we walked in and 
I FOUND THIS!  I almost cried I was so happy...even if it is super expensive.

It's been 2 weeks folks.  (I have to wear these shoes every day because if it floods,
I don't have to take my shoes off!)

 The primary kids (7 total) made us thank you cards!  It was so cute!  
They told us they all want to be missionaries like us some day :')
*sound of heart melting*

 These sisters are so sweet!  
It was Sister Magg's last zone training and my first . . . the circle of the mission field.


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