testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 17 - Black, black and more black...

Hello everyone! I have 0 time this week but I am typing as fast as I can because SO much happened!

First of all I don't know if you heard but this week the king of Thailand passed away. He is the longest reigning monarch in the world and his people love him. As in you could hear people sobbing when you walked down the street. The day he died started the mourning process. That means wearing black...for 30 days. In government schools they wear black for an entire year! The missionaries were all notified and given very specific instructions of things to do and not do (not contact in big areas, what to wear, etc.) SO! Sister Bilavanh and I have already gone through everything black and white (white is okay too) in our wardrobes, so we will be doing a lot of washing this month! It was incredible. I have never seen a group of people so united in a cause. They all care so much about their culture and their country that EVERYONE wore black! 

So Sister Bilavanh is AMAZING and so ready to work! The other day we were waiting for an appointment and she had an idea to go through the phone list and start calling everyone. So we did! We got in contact with a less active member named Sister Leg. She was so happy to talk to us and we made an appointment for the next day! The next day we were running late but we were almost to her house (which was pretty far away) when we got a phone call from her. I immediately thought,"oh great, she is going to cancel" but when we answered she was actually wondering where we were! We had a great lesson with her about how much God loves her..she started crying and we felt so much love for her! It was such a blessing to be there in her humble home testifying of the love that Christ has for her. AH! Moments like that are really the greatest. I love this mission and I love being able to be a part of miracles everyday. God loves His children and don't ever forget it! That's your challenge of the week because I don't have time to think of one.  Remember God loves you!.

I love you all so much! Thank you for your support! Have an amazing week (not wearing black) and be jealous because I get to pet a TIGER today! That's why I'm in such a rush.  (To say I have been jumping off the walls with excitement for the past 24 hours is an understatement)

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

So 30 days of black begins...
 [Also notice the sticky notes on each side of the mirror identifying words 
for clothing in Thai.]
All the stores have put out all black and white too. It is so strange to see only that color...
Everyone in this huge mall is wearing black or black and white.

This person just finished their wash -- all black.

So we were in a taxi heading to switch off's (about 2 hours away) when our taxi driver pulled over and started working on his car...haha We were so confused.
Us at switch offs.  She is going home in a month and we are so sad.

Haha someone in the neighborhood brought their bike to be fixed by the elders. The word spread and 5 more people brought their bikes. They should open up shop right here!

This little boy is a monkey I swear. He climbs on everything and everyone!
How cute is he!

KFG -- Just a cheaper form of KFC but it is SO GOOD!  And so cheap...basically missionaries love it.

 This snail was SO HUGE!

Haha this dog escaped from someone's house and we helped get it back...
it was an adventure that is for sure.
Sister Leg's house.  Also forgot to mention that after we visited her she came to church!

She lives in such a cute little neighborhood.  I love it.
Here is another cute this little neighborhood I love.

Haha Sister Bilavanh didn't have an umbrella so she pulled out this HUGE poncho...haha  I thought it was so funny. I called her Sister Blueberry for the rest of the day.

Example of labeling everything (chair, table, fan, floor)
I know I know, I was an artist in my previous life.

The other day I had this chocolate cereal that fell behind the fridge and Sister Bilavanh spent like 5 minutes pulling the fridge out to get it for me.  LOVE HER.

Thank you to my cute ward! The primary sent me the most adorable notes! Made my day! My favorite said and I quote "Good luck thinking about Jesus" Haha they are so adorable!

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