testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 18 - Tigers and Crocodiles and Elephants...Oh my!

This week was AMAZING and miracles are happening in Bang Na!

So about a week before I got in country Sister Fuai and her comp were the missionaries for the baptism of Brother Kwanchai. I have taught him a bunch because he recently got baptized...Last week he brought his daughter to church! She. Is. AMAZING. She is 17 and probably the cutest girl I have ever seen. We started teaching her and she eats it all up! She is the first investigator that I have taught who WANTS to change and I love it. I already have so much love for her. She came to church for the second time yesterday and afterwards we taught her! She was so happy because she made 7 new friends at church and she understood the lesson! She has already stopped drinking tea (haven't even taught that lesson yet) and she writes down things she doesn't understand for us to clarify. Can someone say PERFECT? Her dad just got the priesthood a few weeks ago and he will have the privilege of baptizing her on November 13! We are SO excited! She is such a special girl and she was prepared long before us to come into this church!

The 30 days of mourning are well underway but people are slowly wearing more color. The missionaries are still being cautious, but things are getting better! People are still in mourning which means lots of people aren't willing to take time to learn about Jesus...which means lots of canceled appointments. The poor elders went 3 days without a single appointment, but luckily we have had at least 2 each day! 

So we have a pretty nice apartment, but it has SO many cockroaches. Let me just tell you that I have become a PRO at killing cockroaches. Honestly I think I should start a business or something. Every night between 8:57-9:00 I have my daily killing, right when we get back. Don't know why I'm telling you this but yeah--that's Thailand for you!

I don't know if you remember Boi but she was a person we randomly contacted a few weeks ago! We don't really know what happened or who she talked to but she cut off all contact with us...so sad! We have visited her about 5 times and she has told us to go away..she tried to give the Book of Mormon back too. So sad, but when God closes a window, He opens a door! We won't lose faith!

I love her so much. We get so much work done and have SO MUCH FUN. That's all. Also I was going to send you a really cute picture of us eating food on a stick but all of the pictures on her camera were lost! So sad, but just know that Sister Bilavanh is THE GREATEST!

I read this quote this week and loved it, so it has now become the challenge for you all!
"The average man's complacent when he's done his best to score...but the champion does his best, and then he does a little more."
I know this is God's work and that Jesus Christ lives..have a wonderful week!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

PS. Tigers and Crocodiles and Elephants..Oh my!
So last p-day was basically the greatest thing in the world. The entire day I thought "well that couldn't happen in America" but it was so fun! We had about 10 missionaries and because we spoke Thai we got in for under half the 'falang price'! Thailand is the greatest. (See pictures to prove it)

 How cool is this picture?? Also it was actually kind of freaky so you're lucky I'm smiling.

 Preaching the gospel to all creatures...sadly he wasn't interested.

 Don't ask me why the worker got this close but hey -- it makes for a cool picture!

This is a REAL crocodile!  Haha mom don't worry.  It was safe...I think.

It was so crazy.  There were just elephants walking around everywhere like it was normal.  The things we did in this park were a reminder that we were NOT in America...and I loved it!
 Yes I wore my elephant skirt on purpose.
I touched an elephant!!!

This little guy LOVED the picture of Jesus!  haha  It was so cute.  He kept putting his paw through the cage to play with it!


 This is super normal in Thailand, to put a drink in a sack with a straw...I guess it works fine!

 I go on food cravings where I eat the same thing for about a week then switch--
this was this week's craving!

That is a water park..on top of a mall! How crazy!

Shout out to my mom for making the world a better place and sending me CADBURY EGGS.
 My cute คู่

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