testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 35 - 1 Baptism + 2 New Investigators = 1 Happy Companionship

What a week of MIRACLES. As you can see by the title, not only did Sister Douk (แม่ ตู๊ก) get baptized but we were able to contact 2 new investigators as well! (You bet Sister Dem and I took a solid minute to do a happy dance, because these are the first new investigators we have had in WEEKS)

     So, I'm the English Leader and last minute we decided that since Valentines Day was on Tuesday (teach free English class) it would be a great chance to have the members get to know the students that come every week! It was definitely last minute but it was a testimony to me that if you really set your heart on something (and work your tail off) you can make anything happen.
     Thanks to the AMAZING members here in Sisaket (I love them with my whole heart) and our tiny district planning all day, we pulled off an INCREDIBLE activity at night! We had SO many non members and they had a chance to meet all the members and see how great they are, ahhh. It was the best, my heart was so happy! We basically made valentines and played BINGO but they thought it was the greatest activity haha, it's all about simplicity right?

     So I have explained a little about her but I'll do a recap. She is the mother of one of our recent converts and she has more faith than anyone I have ever taught. It was a long road getting her to baptism, but she kept pressing forward and yesterday was able to enter the waters of baptism. As a missionary almost everything we work for is helping people change their lives so they are worthy to make a promise with God that they will follow Him and Jesus Christ their entire life, and when we actually get the opportunity to see it happen...ah. There really are no words other than Alma's, "Now have we not great reason to rejoice?" 
     After the baptism, she was able to share her thoughts and she said, "When I went down in the water I felt like I was dying, because I came up and felt like I was born again. I am a new person. Everything inside of me that was bad has now left and I feel so good." The sweetness of that moment cannot be explained but I will forever love that sweet sweet woman. All that's next is helping her husband learn with the missionaries and seeing that adorable family sealed in the BANGKOK TEMPLE in a few short years!

I just want to challenge all of you to think back to the day you were baptized (if you're not baptized yet consider this a challenge to ask yourself why you haven't taken that step yet) and remember that feeling. I feel like so many of us (myself included) have forgotten how sacred and special that day was because it happened when we were so young. Seeing an adult experience it is so special because they fully comprehend the power of the spirit and oh how blessed we are. I love this work, I love the people in Thailand and I love the Lord!

ร้ก มาก มาก
Sister Hammon

PS. Sister Cordon (of the Primary General Presidency) came to Thailand and not only gave me a shout out in her talk, but she quoted part of my last email! So basically I am 'mission famous' now haha...even if I turned bright red listening to her read it

PPS. I just found out that someone Sister Bilavanh and I started teaching (Sister Maow) in Bang Na is now getting baptized next week!!! Ah, the joy keeps on coming :)

Baptism day!!!

That’s her cute grandson. (He has this adorable ancient Thai hairstyle.) 
And she told us he is going to be a missionary someday :)

Sister Douk with her daughter!!! (first member in her family)

Happy happy happy 😃

Haha the heart shape was the Elder’s idea but everyone loved it!

Valentines BINGO!

So many people and so much food!

Haha the Bishop ate like 15 slices of watermelon and he just kept going!

Entrance Fee 20 baht (57 cents)

If you knew me before the mission you knew I had this obsession with otters….
this may have been the best p-day of my mission (and it happened by accident!)


Seriously I can’t get over how cute the little guy is

 Happy birthday Elder Gundry! 
(notice Elder Mac's face--his first time at a sketchy หมูกะทะ and he was a little scared)

A day in the mission field in Thailand

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