testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, June 19, 2017

Week 52 - Hello from KORAT!

Alright so this week was crazy, said goodbye to Sisaket (tore my heart out but it's fine) went to Bangkok and got my new companion and bam, headed to Korat!

     So Korat is still in the Esan, located only 4 hours out of Bangkok! (Compared to the 9 of Sisaket it is literal heaven) I didn't realize how small Sisaket was until I left because Korat is HUGE. MASSIVE. SO BIG. A 'long' bike ride/crossing the city in Sisaket was probably 20-25 minutes, but here that doesn't even get you half way across the city! But I'm way excited, there are tons of CRAZY nice malls (honestly never seen such fancy places even in America) and there is tons of stuff to do on p-day so I'm happy!
     So in Sisaket we were on a roll (numbers wise) so it was a huge change to come to this area...definitely different but we are so determined to work hard and change it! It will be such a great transfer as long as we pray for miracles! (already seen so many!)

So my new companion is Sister Henry...she is actually famous (as in sang on America's Got Talent in the One Voice Children's Choir) so because I'm her trainer that makes me famous too right? Anyway she's adorable, basically Buddy the Elf reincarnated in a sister missionary so I am never bored that's for sure! It'll be a fun transfer!

So I just barely got here and Sister Henry has only been here for 6 weeks and considering how big this city is that is no time to get to know the area. Anyway we were on our way to visit an investigator, but we had to get there by taxi truck. Her old companion wrote down how to get there but the one she wrote down didn't exist, so I asked one of the drivers how to get there....so a thing about Thai people, they are THE NICEST PEOPLE IN THE WORLD. The driver got out of his taxi truck to try and help us. He started asking everyone and their dog where we should go. So long story short, after about 5 minutes of us being lost the ENTIRE market was trying to help us. All you heard in the background was everyone saying, "there are two falangs lost! Do you know what truck they need to take?"/"Why is everyone surrounding the falangs"  Haha I think they felt bad for us/didn't know I spoke Thai but it was just so funny and such a Thai thing to do. Everyone was willing to stop whatever they were doing to help us! Anyway so the address we had wasn't real so that didn't help our case any, BUT miracles happen and we were able to find the right one. But even after we got back from our visit you heard people talking as we walked by, "hey look the falangs found the right truck to take!" Just so grateful to be in this perfect country, love it with my whole heart:)

So since coming into this area we have seen so many miracles and it really seems like we are ready and have the faith to change this area! This past week we had 6 NEW INVESTIGATORS! And as I was thinking about this I thought about the faith that Sister Henry and I have in this area which turned my thoughts to this quote by Spencer W. Kimball: "There must be a faith in God that will cause men to cleanse their lives; to forget themselves in the service of their fellow men and to overcome all weaknesses of the flesh; a faith that will bring about a repentance which is total, continuing and which will bring them to baptism, the priesthood, and temple ordinances."

Faith is the fuel of conversion! I just hope and pray that this area will help my faith grow! I am so excited to be in Korat....HERE WE GO! Thanks for everything, I pray we can all increase our faith everyday by doing the little things, pray for Korat and I know miracles will come!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

Last p-day outing in Sisaket

One of THE COOLEST places I’ve been so fare in Thailand!

If you look closely you can probably see Tarzan in the background

Miss her : (

The Sisaket farewell crew…only cried a little bit

Transfer:  From Sisaket to Bangkok then back to Korat

Hahaha trying to fit all our luggage was an ADVENTURE

Cramming it into 3 tuk tuks

We decided to go inviting at a night market by singing hymns 
with us and a few members. SO FUN!

The market where we got lost

My new child!

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