testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 29 - Riding with Faith

I cannot quite explain the miracles that have been happening in Sisaket. Just to explain one (we have had many many more) This week we got 4 new investigators....FOUR! But I am just going to explain a really neat experience I had the other day.

     The other day we were teaching a new member (Brother Gi) with his mom (not a member) and we finished kind of late and it was already dark. We didn't have enough time to cross town and go to our original appointment so I asked the member if he knew anyone that lived close that we could visit. He told us that the Young Men's President lives about 15 minutes away (on bike) but the road doesn't have very many lights. I said a prayer asking to know if we should go/ be safe or visit someone else we have already visited. I knew that we would be safe, I got that prompting, but the other two were doubtful. Brother Gi said he would go behind us on a motorcycle and we were on our way!
     At first things were fine. We were on dirt road but there were lights. About 5 minutes into the ride things started getting dark. We have lights on our bike but the street lights were spreading out more and more. I continued to pray, asking that, if things were too dangerous, to be notified immediately, but I continued to have a clear impression to keep going. 
     I was in the front and I knew, I knew, that we would be safe, but I felt as if some part of me was saying "this is pretty dangerous, why did you even decide to do this?" I realized that the "natural man" in me was trying to take control of my faith. I had clearly received multiple promptings that we would be safe, but deep inside I still had residual doubt. As I continued pedaling down the dirt road into darkness I realized that I was moving forward with faith. God had done His part by providing me with a clear answer to visit the family, but in my weakness I doubted him, at least a little bit. Thankfully my faith was stronger than my doubt and we were all able to keep going and eventually make it to the member's house.
     After visiting the family I knew that we were needed there that night, and the next day they brought TWO new people to church! I am so grateful for a Father in Heaven who cares about the details. This experience taught me a lot. One thing that really stands out is how important it is to act on the faith that we have. My faith wasn't huge, but it was enough to get me to act, and how grateful I am that I did! God works with the faith we have so it is my prayer that I can ride forward in faith for the rest of my mission (and life in general) That is my challenge for all of you this week as well! I love you all, the church is true, I promise.

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

PS. On a less serious note, in t minus 2 hours I WILL BE RIDING AN ELEPHANT! I love Thailand.

The church!

Ancient wat/village thing we visited last week!

Haha trying to translate the ancient writing with our MTC card.

Haha Brother Ti kept making us try to do a jumping picture 
and he kept taking it at the wrong time.

4th attempt at the jump--everything in Elder Mac's pocket came tumbling down 
so we decided to call it quits.


We finally got the jump!

I think this is the biggest gong in the world..who knew that was a thing.


Elder Gundry ordered 8 scoops at Swensen's for our weekly visit, 
and ate them in under 5 minutes.  It's a problem.

Told the English class that for every sentence they made with a proposition he would do a push-up. Needless to say they LOVED IT!

At a member's house!

Sister Panjaree considers herself a minion from Despicable Me..so she drew this haha

So this week we ate at a super sweet member's house 
and unfortunately the food wasn't super clean, 
resulting in a VERY sick Sister Hammon. 
(My internal organs rebelled against me for the next 4 days.) 
Our mission nurse requires missionaries to 'purge' the stomach 
by only eating bananas, apple juice and rice for 48 hours...haha 
it was super fun! (sarcasm is intended here)

How the Elders dress for sports night!

Referral Uno at the Bishop's after dinner! 
(Every time someone loses they have to call 
one of their friends and invite them to 
play Uno with the missionaries. haha  Best idea EVER!)

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