testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week 38- Grateful for an Eternal Family

Kind of a quiet week with every second of the day spent finding new investigators! The first presidency has been on President Johnson's heels about getting the country ready for a temple so therefore President has been on our heels to do that! The temple was announced almost 2 years ago and we haven't heard anything since...Hong Kong is a very far (and expensive) place to go for the nearest temple so we are doing everything we can to get this temple built!

There is this super sweet member in Sisaket who is so willing to help the missionaries but unfortunately doesn't care for her yard with that same determination. Haha so we had a giant service project to help her clean it up--also she invited a bunch of her friends and 10 of them came to help!! (all non members) It. Was. So. Hot. I am now getting used sweat constantly dripping down my face. Always. Haha every time we walk outside I brace myself to be overcome with humidity and Sister Dem just looks at me and says, "the hot season is just beginning Sister" hahahaha....but really. Pray for me! (Just for the record, Khon Thai's think it's crazy hot too, they just aren't as annoyed by the sweat as falangs are)

So I don't know if you remember Pan..but yesterday we had a miracle and gave her a baptismal date for April 23rd and she accepted!!! Cannot wait to keep working with her and see these miracles happen!  [Pan is the 18 year old college student  they have been teaching since the end of January.]

We randomly had a wedding at the church on Wednesday..the couple wasn't from Sisaket so we had a bunch of people drive about 10 hours to make it here! They asked me to play the flute and we thought it would be fast...well staying true to Thai culture everything was very late. Haha they told everyone (including us) that it started at 6 so we would all get there on time....in reality the ceremony started at 8...and people were still late. Haha but it was good, we invited some investigators so they could see how a Christian wedding is done!
     After the ceremony we were able to visit lots of people that attended the wedding and we were able to testify of the power of a temple sealing. I love the temple, honestly miss it so much, but every time I am able to testify of eternal families I get chills. I am so overcome with the love that God has for us to bless us with temples. And I will never be able to thank Him for a family that is mine for eternity. My challenge this week is for everyone who doesn't live 2000 kilometers away from the temple. GO TO THE TEMPLE THIS WEEK. The blessings will outweigh any sacrifice, I promise you that.

Sorry this email is sporadic, but I don't really know what else to say. I love Sisaket. I can't really explain it but part of my heart will always be here. The members here have honestly become my family. Sister Dem is incredible. We have SO much fun together and I am praying that transfers next week don't change anything for us. HAVE AN AMAZING WEEK! I love this work!

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

Wedding! We were all told to wear blue and white…
apparently they do themes for the weddings here haha

How adorable. Matching ties.

Also just a fun fact—this couple does not come to the Sisaket ward…
they just kind of chose to get married here because of family.

Handmade flowers

Crazy hot service project!

So. Much. Trash.

Yay for service

Arm wrestling. This was more intense than you think it was.

Also a completely normal thing in Thailand is to have your tiny baby 
(she is 8 months old) ride your motorcycle with you, 
hanging on with her little arms…haha 
I can only imagine if someone did his in America.

But hey, teaches kids responsibility right?
Haha super blurry but I stole one of the kid’s bikes and rode around in style for about 5 minutes. It was the best.

ANOTHER MISSION CALL!!!!!!! California San Diego—LAO SPEAKING!!! 
Everyone is so excited!!!

Sister Den snapped this picture.
We pass this way daily so there’s Thailand for you.

[Other sites they saw last p-day]

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