testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, March 27, 2017

Week 40 (<-- CRAZY) We're Staying in Sisaket!!!

ANSWERED PRAYERS, because Sister Dem and I are staying one more transfer!! This last transfer call was of vital importance because it determined who you we would be spending Songkran with! (Thailand's biggest holiday) So needless to say there were rejoicings all night after we found out--SONGKRAN IN SISAKET!  [Thai New Year celebration April 13 complete with water fights]

So something I have seemed to notice myself lacking recently is the faith to find. In a week we talk to hundreds of people and it just seems like no one is interested ever. Our investigators are usually found through members, English class, etc. But with my last interview with President he asked us to decide one thing we really really wanted to change--faith was mine. I started with sincere prayer...I testify that God answers prayers. It has been 1 week and my attitude has changed completely (through multiple miracles given to me)

We were going to the church and had about 10 minutes so I decided we should invite on our bikes for a few minutes before heading into the beautifully air conditioned church. We talked with a few people, no one interested and I slowly started biking away when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye. I almost biked away but I decided to give it a shot (the spirit, trust me) I started talking to her and it went like this:

*needless intro, "how are you" stuff like that*
"So we're missionaries of Jesus Christ, have you ever heard of Him or gone to church?"
"No, but I want to!"

.....what. This is where your jaw is supposed to drop. My faith skyrocketed! There trulyare people being prepared, RIGHT NOW! I let me faith slip because of the months without success, but the second I repented and decided to change, God made up the difference!

We had a big Open House at the church (it was way over the top--Sisaket style) but we were really scared no one would come, so the night before we went inviting specifically to invite people to that. The first people we talked to were actually a family, and I kind of chased them down but it's fine. Anyway they seemed really interested and guess what? THE NEXT DAY THEY CAME! 

"We have actually been really curious about this church and have been meaning to come for awhile, but we didn't want to come without a reason, then yesterday you gave us a reason!"

Why is God so good?! Oh my goodness. So far we haven't been able to teach any of them, but if anything these experiences were given to me as a gentle kick to the heels to pick up my faith! I am so extremely grateful for a Heavenly Father who works with imperfect people. I testify that if we recognize our weaknesses and admit them to God with a willing heart to change, HE WILL MAKE US GLORIOUS. 

So yeah, that is the work in Sisaket. Amazing. Hard. Full of Miracles. Fun. Tiring. WORTH IT.

I love you all, I love this work and my challenge is for conference this week! (secretly jealous because Asia won't get it for another 2 weeks) Anyway--pay attention to the things that stick out to you, when you notice what it is, write it down and commit yourself to change! Conference is given to help us become better, not to entertain us for 10 hours twice a year. YOU CAN DO IT! ทำได้นะ 

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

PS. So apparently you go on a mission and time doesn't stop..because I hit my 9 month mark this week! (hump dayyy) We ate cake and did a Tim Tam Slam but I'm still in denial that I am half way done considering I still don't know what I am doing half the time--life as a missionary, it's the best

Love love love this cute member—Sister Booey ปุย 

Our cute English students!

Finally got a picture with Pan!!!!

Hahaha Elder Gundry’s final wish was to hold a funeral during our last district meeting.  
He has since passed away [aka returned home from his mission]

Ice cream after district meeting

This. Is. A. Tree. House.

This kid is named Jack and he is probably my favorite member in Sisaket. 
He LOVES going inviting with us ha ha  Oh goodness I love him.

I love the kids here.

Open House in Sisaket!

So on my ‘hump day’ God gave me this sunset…best. gift. ever.

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