testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week 37 - Best. Sports Night. Ever.

So good news everyone, the bike is fixed and I don't have to use one that is about to fall apart, so life is good!!!  Also for all of you that have been praying for Sisaket--IT IS WORKING. We have seen countless miracles this week including 4 NEW INVESTIGATORS! Thank you thank you, God truly hears our prayers.

So! Because the church is still relatively young here, the ward has almost daily activities to help members stay strong (considering they are usually the only member in their family. So I thought I would give you a run-down to explain my story:

Monday: Family Night! Missionaries almost always get invited over to member houses and have a family night with single members
Tuesday: Free English Class
Wednesday: Institute
Thursday: Scripture Class (taught by missionaries)
Friday: Sports Night!!

Basically it's the best because we can invite investigators to all of these activities so they can get better acquainted with the church without going to the more serious meetings on Sunday. 

So this last Friday we were having a slow day to say the least. We headed to sports night with a little hope because we had a lesson planned right before. We taught one of our investigators at the church, came out to find the parking lot FULL of kids! Some we had just barely invited in a park not an hour earlier! One of the kids of our investigators came PLUS the investigator we just taught not only stayed, but went and got her nieces and nephews to come too! Sister Douk (recent convert) came and brought a bunch of sports equipment and it was the BEST. 

Honestly I was so happy at that point, all these non members (over 15) had a chance to meet the members and come to see that we are just normal people, focused on family that get overly competitive when we play sports! Ahhh love it, such a blessing!

Speaking of Sister Douk...her husband is not a member, but that is going to change. I KNOW that he will get baptized, give it 6 months. We are really close to their family so every time we visit I make jokes about him learning with us and Sister Douk told us that he said, "You know, I will eventually have to listen to Sister Hammon won't I?" PLUS last week he decided that alcohol was destroying his relationship with his family....SO HE QUIT AND HASN'T HAD A DRINK SINCE.
Forget 6 months, his conversion is coming, and it's coming fast. I just pray I will be here to see it!

So I am reading in the wonderful book of Ether and I had this little insight today--The Lord wants the Brother of Jared to come up with his own solution to have light while they travel across the ocean and his solution is rocks....honestly there is nothing more simple than a rock. But, with the Lord's help the rocks become glorious beacons of light. Just like those simple rocks, we are all simple and basic, but if we let Him, the Lord will make us glorious, just like the rocks. 

I am SO grateful for a loving Father in Heaven that not only allows, but encourages us to learn, grow and change, even though we make mistakes along the way. My challenge is for all of you to let God make the difference in you, and I promise if you do, you will become glorious, but only with His help.

Thank you so much, I love the mission, I love Thailand and I love the Lord!

Much much love,
ซิส๖อร์ แฮมมอน

Best of part of the week? Finding the park that is
only 5 minutes away from our house—inviting GOLD.
(Yet another Best Two Years moment as we practically
chase down people to tell them about Jesus.)

Something that makes this picture so much better is I was trying to contact
but the person ignored me, so I turned to contact Sister Dem as a joke
 and she had her camera out…and thus this picture was born.

Also we got to see this sunset while inviting, so Thailand isn’t too shabby.

I tried to take a lot of pictures of the houses this week-what most Thai kitchens look like

We were heading in to teach the scripture class and Elder Mac had drawn
a picture of an otter saying “today we are going to be teaching about otters” haha.
The members were so confused, it was the best.

Thailand makes the most of every vehicle and that is for sure.

(Don’t worry.  They other people are behind me or inside playing ping pong.)

Inviting at the market!

Something random about Thailand—they have all this outside gym equipment for anyone to use! Makes morning workouts a lot better, let me tell you!

Randomly came upon this gorgeous lake thing right behind a park. Yay!

So this little baby is about the same age as my niece so I decided to adopt her as my Thai niece. It’s the best (except for the fact that I can’t hold her  haha)

Yay for sketchy highway bike rides!

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