testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, July 10, 2017

Week 55 - Baptism and Bernie the Baptist

Before I talk about the incredible baptism this week I have to tell you all a story about the first falang I ever taught...oh boy

     So in Thailand it is super common to find old white guys married to young Thai women...it's a thing and all the missionaries hate it. Anyway so last week a super awesome 50 year old female member walks in with a falang man and proudly announces that they are married as of the day before. Hahaha WHAT. They met online and after a few months boop, married. By the way he is 73 years old and cannot speak Thai so you can imagine how successful this marriage will be. Anyway his name is Bernie and he has been stout Baptist for the past 50 years AND taught the Sunday school every week....you can see where this is going.
     Anyway the member invited us over to her house to 'share a scripture' and help him see what the church is all about. Our initial idea to 'pop by for a second' turned into a 2 HOUR session of "Bernie wants to bash the missionaries" hahahaha the entire time I was just thinking "I am so grateful I never have to teach Christians. I am so grateful I teach Buddhist. I am so grateful I don't have to Bible bash ever. I am so grateful I teach in Thai" annnd the list goes on. Afterwards Sister Henry spent a solid 10 minutes just laughing about how bad it went and how bad I am at teaching in English but you live and you learn right?? After that experience and after Bernie asked me if I was married we decided to hand him over to the elders for future lessons! Pray for Bernie the Baptist to open his heart hahahaha fun fun fun.

     Yesterday morning we were waiting in the church for our investigator to come for her baptism..it was 8:50 and she still hadn't shown up and I was so scared...then 5 minutes before the meeting started Sister Addt came...with 6 INVESTIGATORS IN TOW! She invited 6 of her friends to come as well! (which was why she was so late!) The baptism itself almost didn't happen because of a problem with the font filling in time BUT thanks to miracles and help of members it all worked out in time!
     Sister Addt is one of the most sincere investigators I have ever taught. Such genuine love of this gospel (hence the 6 friends invited) but I have been so blessed to watch this gospel truly change her. She was introduced to the church by a less active member, who has completely activated since inviting her! When I first taught her she was closed off and didn't smile much... she has had 3 children die of cancer, one more will pass away within the year and her youngest has completely rebelled against her. Her life has been so hard, however, ever since she has applied this glorious gospel she has completely changed and she smiles ALL THE TIME. Watching this message change people is one of the most incredible parts of being a missionary:) Her 2 grandkids will be baptized on the 23rd and she has invited all of her neighbors to learn with us! The church is true!

Watching Sister Addt change so much made me think of a scripture President Johnson shared in zone conference...Isaiah 42:16 " I will make darkness light before them" As a missionary in Thailand this couldn't be explained more clearly. We have the opportunity to change lives, all done through the Light of Christ. I am so blessed to have seen this personally in Sister Addt and her family and hope and pray we will continue on changing lives!

Right now the Korat district is on FIRE and it is so fun to see and be apart of. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. It is the best. Have an incredible week and please be the best people in the world and give the missionaries referrals, that is how we found Sister Addt and our other investigator getting baptized next week as well!  Love you all, now go invite your friends

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

The cutie on the left is one of the grandkids getting baptized on the 23rd!

Teaching Sister Addt (at the house of the member who invited her)

Baptism of Sister Addt

Finally got a smiling one!

The two adorable kids on the left (haha super bad picture of them) 
will get baptized on the 23rd!

When the baptizer forgets to take the plug out …

My child’s first TIM TAM SLAM!

Creepy bus ride to our zone conference and this old drunk guy came and sat 
RIGHT by Sister Henry   hahaha   Thailand

At zone conference

Finally got this picture back.  Our entire mission when Elder Cook came!

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