testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, July 31, 2017

Week 58 - Rainy Roiet

Hello from Roiet!!

On Wednesday night we took a bus to Bangkok, got there at 3 AM (long story), hopped the fence, slept on the stairs of the mission office, and by 9 I had my new companion and we were off to Roiet! (9 hour bus ride)

My new comp is Sister Christensen from Sandy, we were in the MTC together so we are both a little older on the mission! Definitely a switch from being with so many greenies but it'll be an awesome transfer! Our area is struggling a bit right now so we are going to try our best to switch it around and get it back to to be the power-house area it used to be!

So on the way to Roiet the bus ride took a lot longer than normal because it was FLOODING everywhere. The rainy season is in full swing and it has cause a lot of problems in the Esan.... Please pray for them! In one area the missionaries couldn't even go to church yesterday (the entire city is completely flooded). The elders took a boat to deliver the sacrament to the sisters and a few other members stuck in their houses! CRAZY. As for Roiet, we got hit, but not that hard.

My first day here we went to go help a member de-flood their house. They hadn't slept for 2 days because their mattress (which they set on the floor) was underwater. They did their best to sleep in plastic chairs. It was some of the worst flooding I have seen (which is saying something considering my greenie area was flooded for a week straight!).  So please pray for these people! The water has gone down since then, but there is another big storm coming this week!

While we were helping that member with their house we went to go get them a wooden bed thing and carry it through the flood for them. On the way there I made eye contact with a super cute 17 year old and thought, "she will be our next baptism." We talked to her and she was so interested! After we helped the members we were able to go teach her and she is so awesome. First invite in Roiet and we were so blessed to find her! Pray for Sister Fie! (ฟ้าย)

This week is SO BUSY. We have to go to Bangkok on Wednesday for training (and since we are so far away they let us take a PLANE so I'm way pumped). We have a giant service project planting rice for an investigator scheduled tomorrow, and on Friday we have to double up companionships because we are so busy! So excited to be in this new area, but pray for miracles because we could use them! Which is my challenge this week along with this scripture that I have come to LOVE, "Withhold not thou thy tender mercies from me, O Lord" (Psalm 40:11) I know that when we ask, God will grant us miracles, but the first step is always asking! Thank you all for everything, love you bunches and talk to you next week!

Sister แฮมมอน
Hey look. More floods.


In the middle of a disaster and they can’t help but smile. 
Look what this gospel does for people!

Sorry. My camera got fogged up, but she told us she had to 
send this picture to our family, so here we go!

When the main flood hit the water was up about 3 feet, 
but when we got there it was about half a foot so we got most of it out.

(The following are photos and news reports added by her mom)

This is me trying to look cute with a duck and the duck rebelling against me.

My companion Sister Christensen from Sandy Utah

This was taken a year ago in the MTC.  She is one transfer ahead of me.

You will not believe the palace that we live in in Roiet.  IT IS GLORIOUS.

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