testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 57 - Then a Transfer was Made :(

So to start off this email I have some sad news as of yesterday, after being here for just 6 weeks I am being transferred to ROIET! I almost cried when I got the call, President Johnson called me himself because he knew how much I wanted to stay...I am definitely sad, but it will be okay! Trust in the Lord right?  [Note from her mom: She is being transferred because she will be one of 6 Sister Training Leaders in the mission.]

Wow. Can't really believe I'm leaving. We saw SO MANY miracles this transfer. My companion and I ended up getting 43 new investigators (averaging more than 1 per day) and our investigators at church BLEW US AWAY (as in we had half of the entire zone's attendance at church this last week). This transfer felt like 2 seconds and I am super sad to leave, but I feel like God made it okay because He gave me this perfect transfer here in Korat before I'm going up to Roiet. It'll be an awesome area and I will get to switch off with a bunch of sisters, so it'll all be good!  [Note from her mom: She is being transferred because she will be one of 6 Sister Training Leaders in the mission.]

Yesterday in personal study I 'randomly' opened up to the talk from Elder Clayton in April - "whatever He saith unto you do it" and I thought to myself, "wow this would be very applicable if I had to leave this area, good thing I'm not!" ....the Holy Ghost knew better than I did. Love love love this talk but a quote that stood out to me for my current situation: "She [Mary, mother of Jesus] committed herself without exactly understanding why He was asking that of her or how things would work out. She accepted God’s word unconditionally and in advance, with little knowledge of what lay ahead. With simple trust in God, Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." 
I'm not trying to say this is what I did (I was a whole lot more reluctant that she was) but it was just what I needed as an example of what my attitude should be. God wants me in Roiet so I'll go!

It would make me very happy if you would continue to pray for all of the INCREDIBLE investigators here! Sister Addt's grandkids are getting baptized this week and a mini family on the 6th of August! This week we had the most AMAZING lesson--teaching the Nope family the plan of salvation (any missionary's dream) It is one of my favorite experiences of my mission telling a FULL FAMILY "you can be together forever." (even if they didn't accept a baptismal date because they want to learn more first) I will miss them. So much. Keep Korat in your prayers and I will let you know how Roiet is in a few short days! I leave at 1am tonight.

Love you all, sorry this email is full of sadness, love being a missionary but the whole 'transfer' thing hasn't warmed up to me just quite yet. HAVE A FANTASTIC WEEK:)

Sister Hammon

FUNNY STORY!!! In Thailand there is a large population of old people that love to work out at the break of dawn… This last week we got an invitation to participate! 
So we woke up at 5 AM and went to work out with old people. Best. Decision. Ever. 
Hahaha it was so funny. Besides the arm motion swinging side to side for 2 hours it didn’t get our heart pumping too much;) Spot the young falangs!

Definitely tried to invite this monk

 This cutie gets baptized next week!

Tradition to take pictures sitting on the number of transfers you have left…
this scares me.  
[From Mom -- 4 left: July 26, Sept 5, Oct 18, Nov 29.  Not that I'm counting or anything]  

Here is a link to a video Sister Henry made:

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