testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, December 5, 2016

Week 24- จอย (Joy) to the world, Brother ช้ย (Chai) is on date!

This week went by so fast because it was honestly a week of miracles!

So! I realized when I got my call to a Buddhist nation that "Christmas" wouldn't really be a thing...but I don't think I understood that Christmas really isn't a thing in Thailand haha. Especially with the recent events involving the monarchy, there is absolutely nothing Christmas...anywhere. It'll be a weird month but we are trying to make our own Christmas season as best we can! 

DAY OF MIRACLES--จอย (Joy) to the world, Brother ช้ย (Chai) is on date!
I don't know what was in the air, but last Wednesday miracles were happening left and right! For the past 6 weeks, every time we have a spare second we call old numbers in our phone to see if they are interested. We sometimes get someone, but usually when we go to our actual appointment they don't show up, so when we were supposed to meet Sister Joy we did not think it would amount to much--We were so wrong!

We met her just outside the school she teaches at, and we clicked immediately! I don't know what it was, but when I was talking to her it felt like I was talking in English to an old friend instead of a Thai conversation with a person I just met. She is so sweet and willing to talk with us! At the beginning of the lesson she told us she would listen, but wouldn't go to church again (has been once before). We taught the restoration, answering a few of her questions, and the spirit was so strong! At the end of the lesson she decided that she wanted to meet again and even go to church! I left that lesson on a high, knowing that when we ask, God grants us with His spirit and we can make miracles happen! I know she felt the light of the gospel and my prayer is that we can help her continue learning!

So right after that amazing lesson we headed to meet Brother Chai and to hopefully get him on date. I KNOW he knows in his heart this is true, and I had been praying all day to be able to answer his questions with the spirit. We were on fire! Our lesson was so powerful. Sister Bilavanh, myself and the member we had all yielded to each other, but most importantly, we yielded to the spirit. At the end when we challenged him to get baptized on Christmas day I saw a small smile on the edge of his mouth (he doesn't show much emotion). After a few more minutes of talking--HE ACCEPTED. 

After the lesson finished Sister Bilavanh and I said a prayer of gratitude and I started crying. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE to help others come unto Christ, and we had helped Brother Chai realize that was the next thing he should be doing. I hope and pray that he will actually enter the waters of baptism on the sacred Sunday we have coming up, and your prayers will be such a help as well.

My challenge this week comes from Alma 5:15..."Look forward with an eye of faith." I feel like that is the motto for every missionary. Sometimes days are long and hard, but when we are able to have a small hope for the future, God makes up all the difference. It is by faith that miracles are wrought, and this Christmas you can be someone's miracle! So go and LIGHT THE WORLD! (AKA- Church's initiative this Christmas!) 

Love you all and enjoy the beginning of this wonderful Christmas season!:)

ร้ก มาก มาก
Sister Hammon

Snake Farm Adventure

Haha on our way to the Snake Farm we got lost and only had a few minutes to make it there...so naturally we fit 4 people in a tuk tuk and were on our way.

Super random snake farm!

This was some video about how venom enters the bloodstream and kills people...we apparently were too fascinated by this to realize she was taking this picture.

They extract the venom from snakes and use it at hospitals to make different types of medicine!  Super cool to watch!

That is a King Cobra (I think)

Felt like I should be in some alien movie

So we were looking at this creepy skeleton of a GIANT snake (Burmese Python or something) when Elder Tun says "Oh wait, yeah I've killed on of these.  They are super delicious!" ...only in Burma

Thailand's Red Cross

Haha love these people--we had an interesting FHE game last Monday.

LOVE HER!  These pictures are also super cute so love them too.

She LOVES this--basically just a spicy fried rice.

Also Sister Bilavanh looks like a champion in this picture so here you go.

The small kid is obsessed with fans...yeah weird, but he's adorable so we let it fly.  

These are our cute 7/11 friends.  I honestly love them so much.

Their parents sell food at the 7/11 right by our apartment so we see them every night..they told me I am their favorite falang so we are pretty close

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