testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, December 19, 2016

Week 26 - "...but this time God used me."

What a week of wonderful, wonderful miracles but we can start the letter with random tidbits:
     -Total Christmas Trees Seen: 1 (at an American bar)
     -Total Christmas Lights Seen: 1 (same American bar)
     -Total Christmas Songs Heard: 0 (but I have faith that this week that will change!)
But we did get a little 'cold front' this week! I think it probably dropped to about 60 degrees. The Thai people responded with coats and scarves, so it looks like I may be getting the 'cold' Christmas that I am used to! 
I have also decided that my theme song for Thailand right now is "Where are you Christmas" 

Part 1--the find
So once upon a time my companion and I were heading to a lesson around 6 in the evening (when lots of people are heading home) The taxi truck we were using had a bunch of people, so I was standing in the middle. I wanted to talk to people around me but no one else was standing and it is super awkward to talk to those sitting while you are above them, so I just waited. Luckily a seat opened up but we only had a few blocks to go before  our stop. I quickly spat out something to the woman next to me. People usually just brush you off, but she immediately started asking me questions about Christ!! I was literally getting her number as I was getting off the truck because we had already hit our stop. It all happened so fast that after I got off I realized what a miracle it was and said a little prayer of thanks that we were guided to find her. About 85% of the time getting someone's number does not mean that anything super amazing will happen--BUT when we called her she was willing to meet..the next day!!

Part 2--her story
We met with her (about 60-ish) and she began to tell us her story. She just moved to Bang Na 3 days ago and was hoping to find a Christian church to attend, when a falang girl sat down next to her and started talking about Jesus! "How did you know I was Christian and looking for a church?" After the lesson I was baffled. This was a MIRACLE. This was the type of 'missionary miracle' I grew up hearing...but this time God used me. 
When I contacted her I didn't feel a lightening bolt hit me telling me that this woman needed to hear the Gospel, I was just doing what missionaries should do. That is something I have learned on my mission, not to worry about every step of my day being guided by the spirit. If you are doing what you should, God will direct you, and afterwards you will realize the miracle that just took place. I am SO grateful to be God's servant in Thailand and I hope and pray that I will be humble enough to follow His promptings. I love this work and I love my Savior!

I am missing the Christmas season, but missionaries are here to work miracles, and those miracles get you through the hard days. My challenge for you this week is to take the time to be an instrument in God's hands. This time of year there are so many opportunities to serve, so use this opportunity to ask God where He wants you. I promise, if you are sincere, He will direct you (even if you don't know you're being directed--like me)  Have a very merry Christmas!!!

Much much love,
ซิสเตอร์ แฮมมอน

It was so fun, praying that this was prep for my next area 
(where the sisters are allowed to bike)

Last p-day was AMAZING! We went to this super huge Ancient City and biked around the whole thing for about 4 hours. Thailand is gorgeous and I love it more and more every day.

Officially my favorite wat in Thailand (which is saying something)

And if you look to my left you see...another wat!

My companion is adorable.

No idea what this is..some story about the fish protecting a princess or something? It obviously didn't translate for me, but it looks super cool!

Look how gorgeous this is!

We decided we are calling President to see if we can get permission 
to make this our new apartment

Yay for bikes!

We did indeed ask a stranger to take this picture, and we did it in one try.  
That takes skill if you ask me.


Took a creepy stalker picture of our investigator Brother Chai for all of you.

A member had us over for some fried chicken feet the other day...
not as gross as it sounds I promise

Who knew there was such a thing as yellow watermelon!

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