testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, December 12, 2016

Week 25 - Desire to Love God

ZONE CONFERENCE--Christmas Devotional
I. Love. Zone. Conference. Also I love TBM (Thailand Bangkok Mission). SO MUCH. President Johnson is amazing! He knows how hard it is to not be around the Christmas season (he was a missionary here too) so he brought Christmas to us! We started the day with watching It's A Wonderful Life. Wow. First movie in who knows how long. It was weird, also didn't know that was 'legal' on the mission...also nothing defines ''awkward' more than sitting in a room full of missionaries watching a scene of a couple kissing. Anywayyyy after the movie we played a bunch of Christmas games and had so much fun, but the best part was the actual devotional. 

President Johnson has the power to inspire people, and that is exactly what he did. He talked about how desires motivate everyone in everything they do. He asked us to ponder our desires and began to explain how everyone's desire leads back to "loving God." One thing that really stood out to me was this, "what won't you give/sacrifice to accomplish your desires?" In the end there is nothing I won't give, nothing I won't sacrifice to show God that I love Him. I am willing to sacrifice everything I have..and that is when he taught us the power of goals, the path to reaching your desires. He is amazing! Despite the movie and cookies and games, the devotional from him was the best part of the entire day.

Overall life is great. We have been hitting some rough patches but still striving to move forward everyday! Sister Mai (our recent convert) is amazing! The ward has taken her under her wing, a bunch of sisters have given her skirts and nicer shirts to wear to church because she can't afford them. Honestly it makes my heart so happy to see her progressing forward without the missionaries needing to be there every step of the way:)

One of the hardest days on my mission so far happened last Saturday. Brother Chai told us he believes it is true, but he just hasn't gotten a witness of Joseph Smith yet and has decided he doesn't want to get baptized in the near future. It was in a phrase heart breaking. Brother Chai is someone that I was directed to find, we have studied hours and hours to answer his questions and when he accepted baptism it was such a spiritual and emotional high for everyone. Right before he decided to post pone I bore my testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. I don't really know what I said but the spirit was so strong and I felt such power in my voice as I spoke, afterwards Sister Bilavanh looked at me and gave me a small thumbs up haha. Unfortunately he decided he just wants to wait awhile. We cannot force anyone to do anything, but after we had that experience with him where I know he felt the spirit of God, seeing him deny it was devastating. We have done all that we can so now we just need to press forward with an eye of faith (and many many prayers)

I love you all and challenge you to recognize your desires this week--and please desire to LOVE GOD. Once you have determined your desires turn them into GOALS because that is when the miracles start happening. Enjoy this wonderful Christmas season!

ร้ก มาก มาก
Sister Hammon

Merry Christmas from the Thailand Bangkok East Zone! :)

Had to wake up at 5 for zone conference but the sunrise was SO WORTH IT!

THE FIRST REAL COOKIE I HAVE HAD IN 4 MONTHS! (no one has ovens in Thailand, so Sister Johnson spent an entire day just making us cookies for zone conference!)


Elder Santa distributing our gifts


We coordinated so we wore red and green. Are we adorable or are we adorable.

Also I don't know if you can see it but I spilled my milk that I ate with my cookies at like 8 AM so I had a giant spill on my skirt all day...haha   I am very talented.

AP's and Elder Santa with their white elephant gifts
Christmas games for zone conference!

That is a face of pure concentration

If this is not the cutest missionary Christmas you have ever seen then you are mistaken.  THANK YOU FAMILY! (Just for the record there's an even number for me and Sister Bilavanh, haha they're not just for me!)  Also Sister Bilavanh doesn't understand the stockings and that is when I realized I don't either--so if you know why we use stockings for Christmas feel free to enlighten me!

Welcome to Bearing! (this is right off the train we take to church every week)

These are our best friends who wait with us while we are waiting for our investigators! So adorable.

Bang Na

More service at this Sister's house.  
Sister Balavanh chopped down the entire top part of the tree!  เก่ง
This fruit is MASSIVE
It is super spiky and probably weighs about 8 pounds...in other words it could kill you if it fell on your head, but apparently it is delicious!

Sister Leg (the less active member who was a miracle a few weeks ago) decorated her house for Christmas.  How cute is this? You can also play 'spot the cats' (there are 2 in this picture but she owns about 7).

Elders had a baptism!  She is so amazing, Sister หนอ่ย. And we have even taught her some lessons.  Love her!

We had some fun at FHE this week

We are always waiting for this elevator so I entertained myself

Hahaha we had to wait for a motorcycle and Elder Bradner didn't see us so he go WAY ahead.  Elder Tun just said "yeah, I'm not running up there."

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