testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 43 - Songkran/Broken Bike/Elephant Rides PART 2...plus a cute new family

This week was honestly so crazy and I haven't uploaded pictures in 2 weeks so you'll see a billion--yayyy!
Life is oh so good. Songkran was so fun, but a challenge to keep work going. Just a funny Sister Hammon luck moment...so we were heading home on Saturday (last day and most intense for playing) I was already soaking but we had to get home for curfew (6 on Songkran) there was SO much traffic and we were weaving our way in-between cars down a long road, getting water thrown on us and powder wiped on our faces the entire time. Anyway Sister Demsiri got a big bucket thrown right into her face and while she was wiping her face I had to stop due to traffic, she didn't see me stop annnnnnd guess who needs their bike gear fixed again? Hahaha it was so funny I couldn't stop laughing (due to the holiday the place is closed for the next while so Sister Hammon has her broken bike yet again! Woohoo go me!) But as of today, Songkran is officially over!

But despite distractions we still have seen so many miracles! First, we are now teaching the grandchildren of a less active member which is AMAZING because 1-- it brings the grandma back to church and 2-- we get new investigators and 3-- they are stinking adorable. Teaching kids is SO FUN. Only 2 are older than 8 but we teach all of them and ahhh...so fun. Children are so innocently joyful and teaching them makes my days and weeks so much better.

Speaking of kids--Frame (9 year old boy) and his mom (Fone) are getting baptized THIS WEEK! The other daughter (Fa-17) is waiting a week or two. I will share their story in next weeks email but after they passed their baptismal interview I have seemed to float along because I am just so overjoyed for them! Frame is the cutest, most sincere child in the world. I already decided that he's going to be a missionary in the Salt Lake City Mission so I can make him dinner ( I have basically adopted him as my younger brother ) This family is so special, talking about them just makes me smile. I am so very grateful that God allows His imperfect children to help Him with missionary work, truly no greater joy can be felt.

Also, if we didn't have enough fun this week, we rode elephants again today! I love Thailand.

My thought today comes from President Hunter because something I read earlier explained my exact feelings right now, 
"Life is wonderful, even in the hard times, there is happiness, joy, and peace all along the way."
 Isn't this so true?? I mean you've probably heard but being a missionary is hard, but it is so wonderful, even more wonderful at the same time! I just keep on learning that life is exactly what you make it, so why would you make it miserable. BE HAPPY. Smile, laugh, and enjoy the many gifts God has given you:)

Love you all, cannot wait to read conference in English (and I promise I'll have a thought about that soon!) Make this week wonderful and I'll talk to you next Tuesday! (Our p-day is moved again because of Zone Conference)

Much much love,
Sister Hammon


Paying respect to the elders

Basically our whole zone went to Ubon for Songkran  haha 

On Saturday (still Songkran) we had work day like normal…soaking. wet. all. day.  
It was so fun! I can’t get over how much I love this holiday!


Haha the elephant we rode was orange from the dirt and 
completely stained our pants…so worth it.

I pet the otter again :’)

Look at his cute little face!

My inviting skills are impressive

OUR FAMILY!!! (mother and son get baptized this week. 
Their daughter on the right is waiting a week or two)

The cute new family of grandchildren that we are now teaching!


Monks in training…shouldn’t think they are cute but just look at them!

Haha they’re just so adorable!

We started an ABC class for English Night and we have THE CUTEST students 
in the entire world…and 2 of them are investigators!

Heading out to a run one morning and look what we found! 
(shows how long I have been Thailand since I didn’t burn the apartment down)

These members hand make….

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