testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 46- I HAVE A ลูก (child)!!!

So yeah, crazy week but all in all, I am training! Saying bye to Sister Dem ripped my heart out, but it's good! It's kind of funny though because everyone in the ward thought I would be leaving since I have been here so long, so everyone was way sad to see Sister Dem go after only a few months so the main reaction I got on Sunday was, "Wait you're still here?" haha it's a long time, but I feel SO blessed to get 6 months in SISAKET. Honestly the best area in the mission:)

So my companion (and first falang) is Sister Curtis! She's from California and she's adorable. We met at the new missionaries meeting then got in a taxi to go to the bus station. I said a silent prayer that we would get a nice taxi driver (you can find some real characters in a taxi in Bangkok) I wanted someone who was semi-interested so it could boost her faith with one of her first contacts! ANSWERED PRAYER! He was so nice, and I got to basically teach an entire lesson on the 30 minute ride. I was so happy and had her share a little bit too. Anyway so I got out of the taxi so happy that she got to witness such a great contact and we get out and she says, "wait so what just happened?" Haha she had no idea anything that happened and didn't really get anything out of it/understand the miracle it was, but it was still a miracle for me;)

It was definitely a HUGE adjustment to go from all Khon Thai's who understand 100% to my first falang that understands exactly 1% but it's good. I keep realizing how blessed I was with my companions and how fast I caught on to the language. It's definitely weird teaching 95% of the lessons, but she can share her testimony and a few phrases so it's good! She is way diligent and works hard so she'll be great in no time, but as of right now I feel like I'm a solo missionary with a shadow haha.

One thing that comes with greenies is lack of knowledge, but something that doesn't come is a lack of FAITH. I love it so much. We go contacting and she sees every single person in the world and walks up to them, says hello in Thai, then looks at me to do the rest haha It's so funny, but honestly it has brought MIRACLES! So many people she sees out of the corner of her eye that we end up talking to and bam, we have their number and a return appointment. It is AMAZING to see the faith she has and honestly it's such a boost. It's hard to do everything alone, but if these miracles keep coming it's worth it!

TRIP BACK TO SISAKET--hahahaha what an adventure
So this story will mortify my mother, but it has to be shared. So our new senior couple in charge of money is being way strict on all forms of travel, so we got a way cheaper bus than normal. I thought it would be okay because it wasn't super cheap and we got on our way. From the second I walked on I regretted everything. It was a little nicer than a school bus + cushion seats + AC. I still thought it would be okay since it was just an 8 hour ride...hahaha false. It ended up taking THE LONGEST route back to Sisaket as possible. (ended up being 12 hours) We were riding in the middle of a giant lightening storm with these giant bags on our lap, trying to sleep. Then when we actually made it to Sisaket at 2 am we were stuck at the bus station. I tried to find a taxi and kept laughing to myself because the best people in Sisaket Thailand are the one's at a bus station at 2 AM *sarcasm here*. Anyway one of the people I talked to was a taxi driver. I was about 90% sure he was half drunk so I debated in my head:
1) get a ride back to the house from a semi-drunk taxi driver
2) wait at the sketchy bus station at 2 AM until we have another option
I chose the semi-drunk guy. Before he got in to drive us he started peeing on the road, then he got in and went a solid 4 kilos/hour the entire way back (so even if he did crash I think our bikes would have done more damage) A+ to his driving abilities because we made it back safe and only slightly mortified! So yeah, I think the award for BEST TRAINER goes to me for putting my greenie through that on her first day in country + keeping her out until 2 AM--WOO President would be so proud. 

Anyway that's life right now. It is so interesting to see just how all of your weaknesses are put out for all to see when you start training. Definitely a humbling, patience trying, and faith building experience, but it's good! We are way excited because Sister Fa is getting baptized THIS WEEK! (so glad I get to stay and see it!:) And my challenge comes from one of the most glorious promises in all of scripture, something I have been trying to apply DAILY as of late: 
And if men come unto me I will show unto them their weakness. I give unto men weakness that they may be humble; and my grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them.
I testify that this promise is true, because I have felt it, not just in this past week, but my entire mission. We are truly inadequate for everything, but with we rely on Christ, He will make us more than we ever could be alone.

รัก มาก มาก
Sister/แม่/Mama Hammon

Sister Hammon and Sister Curtis

My trainer Sister Bilavanh is going home to Laos! 😔

Guess what MTC trio finally met up after 9 months?!

One of my favorite members in Bang Na came to visit me at the office for transfers!!! 
How cute is that??

Sketchy 2 AM taxi ride home

First night as a missionary going to bed at 1:45 am. What great missionaries.

The elders had me give them updates (even though they would be asleep)

My greenies first sompdam! :’) So proud

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