testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 49 - MAYricle Success (the cutest little baptism)

Hello! Officially writing from Sisaket, we made it back after our quick trip to Bangkok, just an update, HOURS SPENT ON A BUS THIS TRANSFER46 and climbing

     It was crazy. Our entire mission gathered in Bangkok for his visit (this hasn't happened in 2 years that everyone was together) Elder Cook, his wife and Elder/Sister Funk of the Asia Area Presidency came and spoke to us. It was such a powerful meeting! Elder Cook only spoke for about 20 minutes, but the spirit was tangible in the room! He bore the most solid witness of the Savior and testified that Jesus Christ was the one who decided there would be a temple in Bangkok Thailand, not the First Presidency and I couldn't help but get teary. The Savoir knows these people and knows that they are ready. The next step is for the missionaries. We know the temple needs to be here so our job is to prepare the people for a temple! Elder Cook: "But I'll talk more about temples at the meeting tonight, we need to get things moving on the temple here" *every missionary dies because we think there will FINALLY be an announcement made about the progress of the temple here*
     After the missionary meeting, we all raced across Bangkok to go to a hotel for the member meeting where the topic for every speaker was...TEMPLES! We were all CERTAIN that there would be the groundbreaking announcement/where it would be/what it will look like. Elder Cook got up and gave a super powerful talk about how we prepare for the temple. At this point everyone was on the edge of their seats waiting for the announcement annnnnnd....."So I can assure you, the temple will be come to Thailand very soon." And that was it. Everyone kind of looked at each other all confused but yeah. Long story short, no more news about the temple :(   KEEP PRAYING!

MAYricle--the cutest baptism I ever did see (ติวเตอร์)
     For the past 2 months we have been teaching the most adorable kid named Deewtor. He is the grandson of a less active member which means not only did he get baptized but she is coming back to church! He is 9 years old (and friends with Frame, our recent convert) He is adorable and so little. The water went to his neck when he stepped in! He has already helped teach with us in lessons. He taught his little friends how to pray and asked me when he could be a missionary...so you could say he is progressing! On Sunday at church Deewtor ran out and didn't go to the second hour. We were freaking out thinking he didn't want to get baptized anymore. Turns out his grandma wasn't going to come to his baptism, so he RAN HOME alone and got her so she could be there. How lucky am I to have meet this little boy??
     Recently I have been shocked at the amount of preparation most of our investigators have already had. God knows His children and knows when they will be ready. With Deewtor, we as missionaries didn't do that much besides teach because he was so willing to learn and do things on his own. There ARE prepared people out there and all they need is an invitation. 
     When Elder Cook was speaking to the members, he gave an Apostolic blessing that if the members would pray for opportunities, God would place prepared people in their path. How incredible is this promise?? SO my challenge for you is to follow Elder Cook's promise and PRAY! Because you will have the chance to share something!

This week we have another crazy week of travels (a stake conference 5 hours away and zone conference right after that) so I will talk to you next Wednesday the 5th! I LOVE being a missionary...so much! I just hope I never take these opportunities for granted. Life is oh so good and God loves his children! :) Have the best week!

Sister Hammon



Both of them leave for the England MTC this week!!

Where Elder Cook spoke (wayyyy fancy hotel in downtown Bangkok)

We got an MTC reunion picture! 
(minus 2 elders because one of them got struck by lightening…long story)

Her first time on the streets of Bangkok!

46 hours of having this view on the bus

Love these cute kids

Officially my favorite house in Thailand (our Bishop’s). 
It has a bunch of crazy random bugs/animals everywhere 
but at night it is surrounded by hundreds of fireflies, so it’s worth it.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA My greenie struggles with biking.

Look what friend we found in my package.

Our friend we found outside the house.

biking past rice fields for days

It is beautiful here though...

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