testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Week 45 - Green Water, Clean Daughter (of God)

So we just found out yesterday that Sister Dem is moving (crazy) and I am staying yet another transfer in Sisaket (will be 6 months by the time I leave!) and will be training a new missionary! Don't really know what to think. It will be so weird to be here without Sister Dem and it also means I will have a falang companion so yeah, lots of changes. We are heading to Bangkok tonight and I'll get my greenie and come back to Sisaket for a transfer of miracles tomorrow night--lets go!

My mind is all over the place so I decided to just tell a bunch of random stories:

Sister Hammon the Killer
     -So we have this less active member we visit a lot and a few weeks ago she had this tiny little squirrel thing that she saved after it fell out of a tree. Thinking I was smart I got some milk we had just gotten from a member and started feeding the little guy after she told us it was hungry. The next week as we went to visit her I was so excited to see it again at this is how our conversation went:
"Oh, where is your little animal, I can't wait to see how much he's grown!"
"He's dead because you killed him."
*she proceeds to go on a rampage for about 10 minutes about how I kill animals and how stupid I am for thinking milk would help it and how I know nothing* hahahaha Sister Dem was in tears she was laughing so hard. So yes, I am now a killer if anyone asks I did it on purpose. (Secretly scared she will never come to church again because I killed her pet, but it's fine)

Baptismal Water Gone Wrong
    -For Prae's (a 12 year old granddaughter of a member) baptism we started filling the water around 2 (her baptism was at 5) and when we went to go check we noticed the beautiful tinted water and decided that wouldn't do. There was a huge rain storm which brought a bunch of alge into the pipes. We were told the bathroom runs on different pipes so we spent about 2 hours emptying it (the drain wasn't actually draining but instead was filling it with more dirty water) and filling it by hand with buckets and hoses and all types of creative thinking...about an hour in we noticed that the water we filled by hand was almost as green as the pipe water...so that was an adventure! We barely got it filled in time but Elder Rose was so tired he ordered pizza and without thinking we started eating it while filling the water more, when we realized we were all eating pizza in the bathroom. Cleanliness is important people. BUT it all worked out, the water was green but Prae came out clean from everything, and that is all that maters:)

8 Hour Tree Job
     -This week a member asked us to help him "cut some trees" on Monday since our p-day was moved. Sister Dem and I thought it would be a few hours of service before lunch, cutting some branches from trees, hahaha we were wrong. Very wrong. We were asked to cut down 3 trees from the trunk...Due to lack of tools and lack of experience from our district we ended up cutting for about 8 hours. 8 HOURS. But it was good. Only about 4 blisters on each hand so we made it out alive. The elders were brilliant and put the ladder IN the tree in order to climb higher--it is a miracle we are all living. But yes, if you need someone to cut drown giant trees and you only have a small bow saw, 1 ax and a machete, we are the district to call!
PS. We rewarded ourselves with one scoop of ice cream for every hour of work the next day--best idea ever. ALSO ate sompdam with 8 peppers so look at me go, practically khon Thai

So yeah, that is life. I am way excited to stay in Sisaket, we have a few people lined up for baptism and can't wait to keep working with them but I am extremely nervous to train--I still don't know how to do this whole 'missionary thing' so prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Love you all, my challenge comes from Elder Wirthlin. He shared an experience where he was told to "come what may and love it" and I felt like that applies to me perfectly at the moment! I do not want to say goodbye to Sister Dem and training a new missionary wasn't #1 on my priorities list, but it is where God wants me! 

Much much love,
Sister Hammon

I love this girl SO MUCH

Prae :)


*Takes a break from filling the disgusting water and eats pizza in the bathroom 
because why not*

Look where we get to run every morning—yayyy!

The AP’s made a new rule that at 8:30 we have to be out of the house, but we had a service project at 9:30 so we threw skirts on over out gross clothes to invite an hour before we had to go serve haha creativity at its finest

Safety first

…8 hours later

 We got the saw stuck

One scoop of ice cream for every hour we spent cutting trees…
if you must know I felt like death afterwards

 “I think I am leaving Sisaket so I have to get a picture with the sign….” 
*stays in Sisaket*

I tried multiple times to get a picture with the giant fish but it was too fast—so here’s this

Also I had a ‘fish spa’ haha so strange but it was 30 baht so why not

Look what I saw at a random restaurant! I freaked out!

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