testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Thursday, May 25, 2017

week 48 - sketchy internet cafe in downtown bangkok

so today we get to hear from the incredible apostle, elder cook, in the flesh. we left sisaket last night at 10, got to bangkok at 6 and spent the next 4 hours walking around in the burning heat trying to find an internet cafe....after 3 taxis, walking 2 hours, taking a break for breakfast and over 15 phone calls we finally found this one, but it is sketchy so no caps work....haha but we made it

i honestly have no idea what to write about so i decided i'll just include some random funny facts about sisaket that i love: --just keep in mind how small this town is--

     -there is this random horse that has taken up residence right outside our church, we named it skippers and every time i turn town the church's street i freak out, "wow a horse" then i remember it's normal now
     -in sisaket there is exactly 1 homeless guy. everyone knows him and he is just content with his life, we wave to him every time we pass him, he just walks around sisaket all day with his loin cloth like pants, anyway super random but he is hilarious so i'm mentioning it
     -the bike shop owner knows us by name and waves every time he sees us
     -i have been in sisaket so long i have the all the monks' morning routes of walking to get food, memorized, so i know who they visit each day...i scare myself sometimes
     -we exercise at the same park at the same time everyday so i have made friends with all the other 75 year olds who exercise the same time as us, they love me so much now they just call me 'child' in thai haha i love these people so much
     -the other day our bishop found a giant rat in the church, killed it then threw it outside...the streets don't get cleaned very often so for a solid 2 weeks the rat was just chilling on the side of the road, then someone ran it over, then for the next week we always forgot it was there so we ran it over with our bikes over and over haha my greenie kept freaking out, 'i am going to start praying thailand gets a street sweeper', don't worry, it's gone now, prayers answered
     -all the kids know me by name so when we invite in the park by the church there are a bunch of little voices that yell 'sister hammon' and it melts my heart every time--speaking of which, we have our 9 year old investigator getting baptized this week yay for miracles-insert exclamation point here-

sorry this is a super, not spiritual, email, but this past week i have started to realize just how much i love this place, with all of its quirks. these members are my family and i don't know what i will do when i have to leave them. 
sisaket is my favorite place in the world right now, random horse, dead rat, 1 homeless guy and all. 
love you all, and i will talk to you in a few days when i have a caps that works and have heard from elder cook woohooo. my challenge is for all of you to take a look at the small things you see everyday and make the most of them, life is honestly about the little things

much much love,
ซิสเตอร์ แฮมมอน

ps. as of june 1 - october, all sister missionaries in our mission have to wear skirts that cover the ankle...yes you read that right, cover the ankle...to prevent mosquito bites. yeahhh we are bringing work and the glory to thailand--please pray for us and our ability to bike in a floor length skirt, i promise there are interesting stories to come

[From Mom:  there are no photos to post.  She is lucky just to have found a computer.....]

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