testifying in Thailand

testifying in Thailand

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 47- A Completed Family, Pa's Revelation and a Diseased Dog

Hello familia คะ่! (look at me being trilingual) 

Anyway we had an AMAZING week full of MAY-RACLES! (ha ha ha hahaha) But really, they just keep happening and it is incredible!

So yesterday was such a precious day because Sister Fa (Sister Fone's daughter and Frame's older sister) entered the waters of baptism! It was so special, there was such a spirit and she was absolutely beaming. It was a tiny bit terrifying because a member of the Quorum of the Seventy was visiting and stayed for the baptism! I was freaking out the ceremony would go as planned, but it was great, and now she is a clean daughter of God:) Baptism is not the end, but it is definitely a huge milestone and highlight for missionaries. 

"You need to be in Bangkok in 16 hours"
So our incredible AP's notified us around 1 o'clock on Wednesday that we needed to be in Bangkok at 8 on Thursday for my companion's work permit....we had a full day planned, an investigator waiting for us at the church and hadn't eaten...needless to say it was an adventure RACING to the bus station (almost killing my greenie along the way) then running back to the church, trying our best to still make all of our appointments before getting on a bus at 8 and driving to Bangkok overnight.
Remember forever ago when I wrote about my '1000 baht signature'? Yeah this was that except it was 2500 baht, for 1 signature that took 3 minutes. Loooove traveling this beautiful country on such beautiful buses;) 
Hours spent on a bus so far this transfer: 28

So on the crazy day that Wednesday was we had a miracle with a new investigator! I met her a few months ago with Sister Dem (that was a miracle too) but we haven't been able to meet with her again, until this last week! I 'randomly' (spirit) called her again and she was willing to meet. She kept calling because she couldn't find the church and I was so scared she was just going to leave. While we were at the bus station getting tickets when she called us saying she was just going to go eat. I was so sad but still decided to check out the church. We got there SO FAST and came across Sister Pa!! 
We showed her the church and taught her a lesson, where she explained what happened. So she was riding around trying to find the church and was completely lost. She was about to give up when a voice told her to 'turn right and go straight' she did that and boom. Found the church. We had a hard time getting her to leave the church because she felt so good inside. I KNOW that God still talks to His children. We all have the right to receive revelation from our Father in Heaven, but all we have to do is seek it. (brace yourselves, a challenge is coming) SO! My challenge this week is to seek that revelation from God, and He will give it to you!

So right after having this super spiritual lesson with Sister Pa, we walk out of the chapel to find this diseased dog prancing around inside the church and so we had to herd it out before we could lock up the church while our new investigator watched us look like idiots. Nailed it.

I LOVE YOU ALL but mostly my family because I get to talk to you in t minus 45 minutes! Thank you all the mothers out there, we love you!
Sister Hammon

 The completed family!!
With Sister Fa

We found out we hadn’t taken a picture together, so here!

Guess what district got to empty the son by hand again?? 
(notice the beautifully color water)

One of our favorite recent converts and his mom!

Hahahaha a picture of when my companion lost her shoe while trying to kick a dog that was chasing her hahaha oh memories.

I fed a bear some bread so that’s cool.

The most beautiful creature in Thailand

I made my first ‘prick” sauce and I was so proud of myself (every other time the members made fun of me since it wasn’t that good but they accepted it this time!)

Crazy fruit!

Then you peel the little seeds and eat the inside!

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